Automatic background fixes for issues seen commonly by Tates PC. Augmented with the Two Minute Fix, a One-Click Fix interface for pesky internet browser, printer, and network issues. The AUTOMATiC PC Fix, or AiPCFix, is a cutting-edge IT tool to resolve issues faster than ever before.

Reliable IT Consultation

Designed to provide the optimal solution to meet your specific needs.

Professional IT Services

You can depend on the solution fitting right the first time.

System Administration

With a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist to care for your network, the best care will be provided at all times.

Security Consultations

Why guess when you can know. Are you safe? Have you been hacked? What do you do now? Tates PC can help.

Network Analysis

Equiped with the latest testing equipment, Tates PC can find the virtual or the physical issues slowing you down.

Values First

I believe fully in a virtue based business where I put my family first, clients first, and offer competitive services at the lowest possible prices. My client homepage and both online tools In offer free to everyone.

Unified Homepage

The top 10 visited homepages for news. Local weather where the bulk of my clients live and work. Security feed from Tates PC. Helpful tools like a password generator and more...

Password Generator

Verify the HTTPS Lock on the top of the page is active to my server and then generate as many strong passwords as you need. They are never logged or saved anywhere on my server at any time so be sure you write them down!

Ad Block Testing

Verify your adblocker is working and get more information on why you should always have your browser equiped with an adbloccker.